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Take the 1 on 1 online tutoring by Xi
You will learn

  • How to render in 2D to look like 3D

  • How to make appealing face designs

  • How to stylise a face while retaining the essential likeness

Online course via video conference. See FAQ below.

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Learn a New Way of Rendering

My analytical rendering method is based on the modern scientific theory of color and light, which goes beyond the traditional color theory taught in art schools.

It gives a clear explanation of how rendering works, and it clears up many misconceptions from the traditional approach. It enables you to render realism in an efficient and flexible workflow.

Learn Designing with Appeal

Informed by psychology and gathered from years of practical experience, I’ll teach you my knowledge of what makes a face appealing, and what mistakes you should avoid while drawing a stylised face.

Learn Capturing Likeness

I teaches you how to retain a good likeness with exaggerated face designs. In my career as professional live caricature artist for over a decade, I have drawn tens of thousands faces and gained extensive knowledge of how likeness works.

Sample From the Session

This work was sent in by Jonathan, one of the participants of my sessions. I explained my theory and methode of rendering, then did a live demo by painting over the original work.

Sample From the Session

This line art was sent in by Steve, one of the participants of my sessions. I explained my theory of rendering, and then did a quick demo rendering.

This was the first 1 on 1 tutoring session I took so far and it was extremely helpful! It is a huge difference whether you just watch a tutorial video or someone Shows you by overpainting your existing Work, how it's done! Xi did this in a very good way and I learned a lot from these 90 minutes! I can definetely recommend his tutoring session!

Benjamin Tümen@benno_wants_to_move

The one-on-one training was very interesting and insightful. I am looking forward to more sessions with him.

Steve Christian@sechris70

Participating to these tutoring sessions had pushed me to another level because I have started to look at light, shadows and colors more accurately. I’ve also become more confident when it comes to making choices in design and exaggeration. I’m very satisfied and grateful that I had the opportunity to take these inspiring sessions which are besides very educational, also very amusing!

Jasper Vandecruys@jasper_vandecruys

Xi’s scientific approach to lighting is as amazing as it is informative. I cannot recommend this class enough and immediately started applying what I learned.


1 on 1 tutoring is open again now!

Book a Session

  • 60 mins 1 on 1 tutoring session, only the lesson: 80 USD
  • 120 mins 1 on 1 tutoring session, lesson + practice ( live demo, feedback of your works): 150 USD
  • 30 mins 1 on 1 session, only feedback: 40 USD
Book a session

To fully cover all the topics above with practical demos it will take three 120 mins sessions. However you can pick the topic you need most and book individual sessions separately. I’m also glad to tailor the session to your individual needs. Send me a message and we can talk about the plan for your individual session.

Contact Me

Send me a message here if you have any question or want to book a session.


    How does the video conference work?

    I use Zoom for the video conference. I’ll send you a Zoom Meeting link after you have picked your appointment. Please sign up for Zoom on and the it’s totally free to use. You can use Zoom on PC, iOS or Android. I would recommend to use Zoom with a Webcam on PC or Mac to get the most functionalities.

    How is the session structured

    I’ll present my theory in slides and image samples as well as do a hands-on demo. The length and content of each part depends on your current knowledge and your goal. I’d love to hear about your goals before the session.

    What software shall I use?

    The technique I teach is independant of softwares and platforms. I use Procreate or Photoshop to do the demo. But you can also use other softwares.

    What is the required skill level for your tutoring?

    I can teach on a beginner level too, but my course is not suitable for total beginners. You can show me your works so that I can tell you if we can do a meaningful session.

    Can I record the session?

    Yes, you can record the session for your own use.  Zoom has a built-in record function. Please do not share the recording anywhere online though.

    How does the payment work?

    If you have PayPal, you can send me the payment at the end of the session.

    Can I change the appointment once it’s booked?

    Yes, you can edit your appointment any time.


    If you use Procreate, you can download my brushset here


    If you use Photoshop, you can download my smudge brushes for Photoshop here


    Sandra Ding
    +43 650 525 6262