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Xi Ding is an international award-winning caricature artist based in Vienna, Austria. He is specialized in live quick draw caricature.

His unique style of caricature has developed from over ten years of experience studying classical portraiture, traditional European caricature, and American cartoon. In less than three minutes he has the ability to capture the prominent features and personality of his subject in a humorous and appealing way.

He uses both the traditional and the digital medium for his caricatures. He is one of the fastest quick draw caricature artists worldwide and can draw up to 120 guests in an evening event and 160 guests in a full day event.

His ability goes far beyond the stereotypical “big nose and crooked teeth” caricatures. He has the talent to spot and exaggerate the appealing features of his subject. The simplicity of his designs reflects his sophisticated technique of expression. His caricatures not only bring fun to an event but also the opportunity for guests to appreciate themselves in a new and positive way.

During his 12 year career as a professional live caricaturist, he has made a name for himself as an event entertainer, and his shows have become very popular at business events, trade shows, and wedding parties, etc. His caricature shows can be seen not only in Vienna, but also across the country of Austria, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary.

During the pandemic, he successfully carried his skills of live caricature to the virtual world. If you want to add some personalized entertainment to your online event, Xi’s service is an excellent choice.

Caricature – Digital Virtual Events

Drawn via Video Chat

For your online virtual corporate event via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc

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Caricature – Digital

Using iPad Pro

Especially suitable for promotion stands on trade shows, conference entertainment, and parties for employees

Caricature – Traditional Medium

Black Marker on Paper

Suitable for corporate events like anniversary celebrations, Chrismas parties, live promotions, … and private events like wedding parties.

Live Caricature Videos

Youtube Channel

Which Medium Is Suitable For Your Event?



Digital Virtual Events


30 heads / hour in black & white

20 heads / hour in black & white

15 heads / hour in color

15 heads / hour in black & white

10 heads / hour in color


Guests receive

  • One original art work
  • Size A4 or A3

Guests receive

  • Digital file (during or after the event)
  • and Print (A4 or 4×6 inch)

Guests receive

  • Digital file (during or after the event)

Screen Cast

Process can be shown on any big screen

Process can be shown on screen

Using Templates

(for bodies, background, scene, logo, etc. )

Template can be printed on paper before hand

Templated can be pre-drawn in digital

Templated can be pre-drawn in digital


International Awards

Contact Xi

If you want to get a quote, you can send us an email with the date, time, location and a brief description of your event. We are also glad to answer any question of yours!

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