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Who is Xi Ding

Xi is a professional, award-winning live caricature artist and character designer. Check out his home page (in German) and his Instagram.

How to get drawn by Xi?

Very simple! Xi organizes online video meetings on Zoom. No matter where you are located, you just need a good internet connection, your phone, or a webcam to join the session and get drawn live by Xi. Your physical location doesn’t matter.

The appointments are listed above.

By joining the sessions you agree to let Xi use the video footage for his social media posts.

Here are the 3 simple steps

  1. Get the ticket for the at the appointment section. One ticket for each person, who is to be drawn.
  2. The link to the Zoom session will be sent to you via Email
  3. Please show up during the session time and Xi will draw all the participants of this session one by one. Waiting time from 0 to 50 mins is possible. The drawing will be sent to you via Email after the session.


  • For free sessions it’s limited to 2 tickets per order, so that more people will get the chance.  Please don’t make multiple orders with different emails.
  • Regular sessions have no restriction of order quantity.

If you are hosting an online virtual event anywhere in the world, you can also

Hire Xi for Your Online Event

Would you like to see some sample drawings?

Gallery Sample Drawings


How much does it cost?

Promotional sessions at the moment are free of charge! The ticket for a regular session will cost 25$ per person.

Can I be drawn live together with my friends?

Yes, I can draw multiple faces in one picture. You don’t even need to be at the same place. Every person can log in with his/her own phone/PC. But each person needs one ticket.

Can you draw from a photo?

The prices for commissions from photos are listed here and they are higher, because they take considerably more time and effort.

At the moment I’m not taking private commissions from photos. If you want to gift someone with a caricature, you can consider getting a live ticket for him/her instead.

Any Other Question?

    Further appointments will be added. Make sure to follow @xidingart to get the announcement, and put yourself on the waiting list.

    • Promotional price: free!
    • Regular price: 22 € ($25) per drawn person

    Virtual Live Caricature for Virtual Corporate Events

    Are you hosting an online corporate event or a virtual meeting via Zoom, Hangout,  Microsoft Teams, etc. ? Xi can draw your participants live on video chat.

    Xi’s caricatures have a unique style, which combines humor and appeal in his unique style. He analyzes and distills the traits of an individual person, which he exaggerates in a positive way.

    Check out his Instagram profile to see his approach in drawing faces, or his digital live caricature gallery  to see real samples of his live work.

    Xi is among the fastest live digital caricature artists worldwide. In his career as a professional live caricature artist in the past decade, he has drawn countless faces at all kinds of events. For Samsung alone, he has drawn over 8000 faces for their promotional campaigns.

    In the time of COVID-19, he began to adopt the new form of live caricature in the virtual world.

    Send us an inquiry below if you want to hire Xi for your online event.