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Discount Price

Get a discount price of 25$ per drawn person, if you send me the payment in the form of Creator Coin $AVAR, issued by rally.io

Here are the three steps of how to do that

  1. register your account at rally.io (skip this step if you already have an account there)
  2. buy 25 USD worth of $AVAR with your credit or debit card via my profile page
    (The blockchain may take a little while to process your payment, rest assured that it will go through.)
  3. send me the $AVAR that you have just purchased via the “Send $AVAR” button on your profile page.

Regular price

$35 per drawn person
Payment via PayPal


Who is Xi Ding

Xi is a professional, award-winning live caricature artist. Check out his home page (in German) and his Instagram.

How to get drawn by Xi?

Xi doesn’t take photo commissions, but he can draw you online on Zoom. No matter where you are located, you just need a good internet connection, your phone, or a webcam to join a Zoom session and get drawn live.

The available appointments are listed here. New ones will be added regularly.

Please note that these live drawings are not as refined as the works on Xis social media. Rather they are in this style.

Here are the 2 simple steps

  1. Reserve your appointment.
  2. Send me the payment in $AVAR as described above. I will get a notification when you have done that. I’ll confirm your appointment and send you the link of the Zoom session via Email. If you want to pay via PayPal, send me a message below.
  3. Please show up during the session time and Xi will draw all the participants of this session one by one. Each drawing takes around 10 minutes. The drawing will be sent to you via Email when it’s finished.

If you are hosting an online virtual event anywhere in the world, you can also

Hire Xi for Your Online Event

Would you like to see more sample drawings?

Gallery Sample Drawings


How much does it cost?

see above 

Can I be drawn live together with my friends?

Yes, I can draw multiple faces in one picture. You don’t even need to be at the same place. Every person can log in with his/her own phone/PC. But each person needs one ticket.

Can you draw from a photo?

At the moment Xi is not taking private commissions from photos. If you want to gift someone with a caricature, you can consider getting a live ticket for him/her instead.

Any Questions?

    Virtual Live Caricature for Virtual Corporate Events

    Are you hosting an online corporate event or a virtual meeting via Zoom, Hangout,  Microsoft Teams, etc. ? Xi can draw your participants live on video chat.

    Xi’s caricatures have a unique style, which combines humor and appeal in his unique style. He analyzes and distills the traits of an individual person, which he exaggerates in a positive way.

    Check out his Instagram profile to see his approach in drawing faces, or the gallery of virtual live caricatures on this page.

    Xi is among the fastest live digital caricature artists worldwide. In his career as a professional live caricature artist in the past decade, he has drawn countless faces at all kinds of events. For Samsung alone, he has drawn over 8000 faces for their promotional campaigns.

    In the time of COVID-19, he began to adopt the new form of live caricature in the virtual world.

    Send us an inquiry below if you want to hire Xi for your online event.