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With ten years of experience performing for high-end clients and the winning of numerous international awards, the artist Xi Ding is one of the world’s best digital caricaturist.

Live caricatures are not only a form of live entertainment, but also a great gift for your guests to take home. However, it’s an extremely demanding skill to draw caricatures with a good style and a spot on likeness. The typical caricature artists, which one encounters on the streets of Paris, often just draw generic or cookie-cutter caricatures with big noses but few to non-existing likeness. Talented and skillful artists are rare and well sought after.

Xi’s caricatures stand out by having a fine style and a high degree of likeness.  Although being caricatures, they look distinctively appealing.  How is that possible? He uses his exceptional observational skills to seek out the positive features of any face and exaggerates them to a larger extent, instead of unselectively exaggerating all possible features.  This is one of the unique qualities of Xi’s art.

Xi can draw caricatures in a very funny and exaggerated manner, too. Actually he perfected this skill before developing his current style. However, he believes that his central task as a live performer is to give the guests a positive surprise and a good, long lasting memory, not to make fun of them for the laughter of the audience standing around. Some people are very open to having themselves being drawn in a funny and non-flattering way, but others don’t have the appetite of seeing him or herself being ridiculed in a caricature. Xi understands this psychology very well and is able to tailor the direction and degree of exaggeration for each of his subjects. That’s the secret of how he attracts all kinds of people to willingly sit as his model in all kinds of event, no matter it’s a family oriented leisure event, or an exclusive business event of high profile guests.

Being an experienced live performer, he can sense the personality of a guest by a brief observation or a few word exchanges.

iPad Pro Caricature – Color

iPad Caricature – Black & White

iPad Caricature – Using Body Templates

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