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With more than a decade of experience performing for all kinds of clients and numerous international awards, the artist Xi Ding is one of the world’s best digital live caricature artist

Live caricature has its great entertainment value, and it’s also a great gift for your guests. It’s a very demanding skill to draw caricatures with a really good likeness. Most caricature artists use generic formulas for funny drawings while loosing the likeness to the person.

Xi’s caricatures stand out by having an appealing style and a high degree of likeness.  Although being exaggerated, his cartoon-like portraits depict his subjects in a positive way. His secret is that he doesn’t unselectively exaggerate all features, but rather sets emphasis on the positive ones.

Xi can do caricatures in a very funny manner, too. However, he is always mindful of the personality of his guests and of the atmosphere of the event. He applies the exaggeration carefully with the goal in mind that the drawn guests shall have a great experience. He never makes fun of people with his drawings.

Xi has performed successfully at all sorts of events, no matter a family oriented one, or an exclusive event with high profile guests.

iPad Pro Caricature – Color

iPad Caricature – Black & White

iPad Caricature – Using Body Templates

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